Animal Aromatherapy
Alignment KitsTM
Susan Frey
Certified Aromatherapist 
For People and Their Animals

Available Kits

New classes for People and Animal Aromatherapy classes are currently being developed for the Fall 2015 season.

This kit contains 8 essential oil blends that are used together in a simple back massage to amplify and promote harmony, balance and alignment of the animal's physical and emotional body systems.
When used as directed, this kit provides over 30 aromatherapy sessions for your pet.
The Animal Aromatherapy Alignment Kit TM can be used with positive results on all pets except cats.  Cats have special liver conditions that require a different blending of essential oils.  The Feline Aromatherapy Alignment Kit TM will be available soon.
Pets that will achieve the highest degree of  benefit from this kit are those that may be exhibiting signs of aging, medical illness or condition, surgery recovery and those with emotional issues and needs.  It is also recommended for use as part of your health and wellness program for your pet.

Animal Aromatherapy Alignment Kit